HORWIN SENMENTI 0: the Missing Stud in the Stable?

The Horwin SENMENTI 0, a motoscooter that challenges motorbikes. Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible. But after reading into it, I was impressed by its specifications. But is it truly a replacement for ‘regular’ motorcycles like the Honda Africa Twin, the BMW GS, or tourers like the Kawasaki 1000SX?

Let’s talk about electric motorbikes for a sec. One loves them, others hate them. Or don’t really understand them. And I get that. I’m still not sure how I feel about them as a replacement for ‘regular’ motorcycles. I just love the game of using the clutch right, the rumbling of the engine underneath you, etcetera. There is just a certain ring to it, that makes your heart beat faster. But I’m open to new visions, so let me introduce to you; the HORWIN SENMENTI 0.

But I do think that adding one to the garage is a good idea. Personally, I wouldn’t replace a motorcycle with an electric motorbike or motor scooter. But to add one to the pack, can be great.



The HORWIN SENMENTI 0 has some impressive specs. Let me tell you about it.

It goes from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. That is faster than most Tesla’s. The Tesla S is faster, but that thing also has almost 10 times more combined horsepower. And wouldn’t fit in most garages. Especially not when you already have a motorcycle living in that garage.

It’s got a 300 km range That is more than I ride in one day, which is actually kind of a lot. So that’s good. You do would have to ride 72 km/h all the time. But if you commute through little villages or big urban areas, then that’s fine. You will be racing through traffic.

And it almost fully charges in half an hour. So during your meeting with a client, that motor scooter recharges so you good to go to the next one after that one meeting.

You also won’t be bothered by any restrictions. Whether is it a car free zone, or an environmental zone. 

Now, traffic can be killing in urban areas. Sometimes, quite literally. So in case of emergencies, you either what to get out of that situation quickly. That’s the easy part, since this motor scooter is super quick. But it also has a great pair of brakes, which are from J.Juan. This Spanish company was acquired by Brembo in 2021. And if one company knows a thing about braking systems.. 

The suspension is KYB, which makes a motorcycle nerd like me happy. So all and all, this motor scooter has some good stuff in it. Sadly, I wasn’t able to test ride it yet. But as soon as that opportunity rises, I will do so, and let you guys know how I feel about it.

But those specs make me curious. Because let’s face it; there are a lot of motorcycle-minded workaholics in this world (I’m one of them). And I have a feeling, that the SENMENTI can give us all some peace of mind while racing from one appointment to the other. And provide a lot of fun while doing so.

horwin senmenti 0


So there are some strong arguments why the HORWIN SENMENTI 0 is a great companion for busy bees. Personally, I’d advise you not to replace your motorcycle with the SENMENTI, but to add it to your stable. Make the pack more versatile. And worry less in daily life. Are you convinced yet?!

Check out all the details and how to get one here: horwin.com