Why do you ride?

Why do you ride? I’ve been asking myself that question. As a young girl I already had a fascination for motorcycles and cars. “First drive”, my father said who used to ride motorcycles back in the days. My impatient self struggled with that, but listened obediently.

After a few years of driving I finally took the plunge and got my motorcycle license in March 2018. I was adopted with open arms in the wonderful world of motorcycling like a lost little puppy. Soon I found out that everyone has their own reasons for riding a motorcycle. “Freedom”, “Speed”, “Adrenaline” or “Feeling the wind in your hair”. But what is it that makes riders so crazy about their bikes. Why do riders pay so much attention to those machines, why can they talk about them every day and why do they give names to their bikes?


It may be obvious that you must have a certain love for motorcycles. Something attracts you to those mighty machines, and those machines gently ask you to take them on an adventure.


The first time you ride a motorcycle everything is exciting, new and strange. To some it might feel like ‘coming home’ right away. For me it didn’t. I thought it was very interesting and totally awesome. But it didn’t immediately feel natural. Still I kept riding. Why? For what reason? I think you find the answer to the question “Why do you ride?” in that very reason. It’s in the magic of experiencing ultimate freedom while riding your bike. It’s not just the wind in your hair or the beautiful surroundings and twisty roads. It’s also the connection between that mighty machine and yourself. It is a trust that is created, both in yourself and in the bike and between the two of you. Continuously pushing yourself out of that comfort zone, constantly exploring the boundaries of that partnership and pushing them at bit. That one time when you get of your bike, all frustrated because it didn’t go as you wanted, it keeps itching. You can’t let it go and want to improve yourself. So you get on that bike again, you learn from your mistakes and voilá, suddenly it all gets easier. But sometimes things don’t go that easily and the frustration can be discouraging.

In these moments when you might not want to ride that bike for a while, ask yourself “Why do I ride?”. For me, it’s the never-ending learning process and the genuine smile it brings upon my face. You ride for you and for no one else. I think that moment of silence in motion, leaving it all behind for a while, is the reason why motorcyclists build such a strong connection with their machines. And you are not alone! The warmth and kindness you will find when you ride a motorcycle and and share that passion with so many others is heartwarming. Whether it’s the chitchat at the gas station or greeting hand on the road. You share something with many passionate strangers who often become friends later on. That too is a piece of the magic that is riding a motorcycle.