Why buying a motorcycle intercom is a great idea

You could just shout towards your friends at the next best traffic light. Or tell your friends you need to pee by using hand signals. But wouldn’t it be super easy if you could just say so? Or hear what they mean, exactly? Let me tell you why buying a motorcycle intercom is a great idea.

A communication system for in your motorcycle helmet is some sort of headset. A little mess of cables that are connected to a little unit that sends and receives signals, two little speakers and often, a microphone. You can build it into your helmet yourself. Not in the mood? Then just let someone else do it at a motorcycle clothing store.

A motorcycle intercom increases safety on the bike, in a certain way. How so? We’ll explain it to you.



You can follow directions from your navigation system via a motorcycle intercom that’s built into in your motorcycle helmet  Or directions from your phone. You can also chat with other riders, or ask for help in times of trouble. Having an emergency? Then you could also call the emergency number fairly easily. Or listen to your favourite tunes during your ride.



Let’s dig deeper into each aspect.

Reason #1: Listen to where you need to go

You might have a phone holder on your motorcycle, or a sat nav system. And thus you might be able to follow directions by looking at that device.

But what if you don’t? And still need to go somewhere you haven’t been before? And you don’t know the way? Let’s me honest.. especially youngster.. how many of you (or us) know the roads by name and number?

I don’t, either. And therefore, I trust my phone and navigational apps with my life (sort of). In case you don’t have a phone holder on your bike, a motorcycle intercom still allows you to follow directions by hearing them instead of seeing them. Connect the communication system with your phone, activate the navigation app and listen to the directions via the motorcycle intercom in your helmet.

I’ve been riding around like that for years now. The clip-ons of my sport bike make it a bit more challenging to install a phone holder. I could stick it into the head bearing. But since following directions by just hearing them works fine for me as well, I don’t see the need in adding a phone holder as well.


A motorcycle intercom makes communicating way easier

There is a certain charm to using hand signals, I won’t argue with that. But still, certain things are a bit of a hassle to explain with hands and feet. Especially if you encounter a specific error in your bike along the way. Being able to tell your buddies what is wrong by using a motorcycle intercom makes life easier in that case.

One rides motorcycles for his or her peace of mind, but others do enjoy a great conversation. A motorcycle communication system allows you to continue that conversation while riding.

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Quickly call for help in times of need

A third reading why buying a motorcycle intercom is a great idea, is because calling for help becomes easier as well.

Many motorcycle intercoms allow you to set an alarm number to call in times of need. This is a phone number which can be called by using a hotkey. For example by pressing a certain button for a few seconds, or pressing it 3 times in a row, within a certain time. You could set the national emergency number, but you could also set the phone number of your sister, mother, father, husband, brother or best friend.

One of the latter might be a wiser choice, rather than the national emergency number. Just in case you hit the hotkey on accident.

I speak from experience.. I had set my sister’s phone number as the emergency number in my Cardo unit. I used to do everything by motorbike. So whenever I did groceries, I used to put my motorcycle helmet into the shopping cart. Every now and then, the helmet would bump into something and accidentally hit the hotkey combination. The bikers version of a ‘pocket call’, I guess..

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Listen to your favourite tunes while riding

A motorcycle intercom allows you to listen to music while riding your motorcycle.

Especially the fancier units that collaborated with big names in the music industry give you a great sound quality.

One might find it an unnecessary luxury, but for others it can be a real delight. I personally find it very relaxing to listen to music while riding. I often don’t know what I have listened to when I get to a coffee stop or when I arrive where I needed to be. But still, it provides great background ‘noise’. And it allows me to relax a bit more.

Of course, listening to music while riding is a personal thing. And it won’t always be the determining factor for buying a motorcycle intercom. But it is a great feature, if you ask me.


A motorcycle intercom for your motorcycle helmet is no new invention. It has been around for years now. But they get better and better every year, and provide you with more and more functionalities.

Some might be a huge fan of these systems. Others don’t see the need of these at all. That’s why I gave you four reasons why buying a motorcycle intercom is a great idea. Which reason is the determining one for you, is personal. But the fact that a communication system in your motorcycle helmet is a handy thing, might be clear by now.