REVIEW: HJC RPHA-11 Motorcycle helmet

The HJC RPHA-11 motorcycle helmet has a sleek appearance, The helment is the best-selling model of the HJC brand. It is a high-quality piece of craftsmanship for a nice price, especially if you compare it to the best helmets of other brands. We have tested the helmet extensively for you in all kinds of weather. This review wasn't sponsored. We didn't get the RPHA-11 for free, but bought it with our own money. You too, work hard for your money, so we will give you our uncensored opinion on the HJC RPHA-11.

The HJC RPHA-11 is the best-selling motorcycle helmet of HJC. This advanced full-face helmet finds her roots on the track. The helmet meets all the requirements that are placed on motorcycle helmets while riding races. The helmet is lightweight, stable and relatively quiet. We say “relatively quiet” on purpose because it remains a subjective topic. If you compare it to the top model of Shoei, the RPHA-11 can seem a bit noisy. But to say there’s a lot of wind noise is also exaggerated. Is it the quietest helmet on the market? No. But it’s also not meant to be. The essence of the design is racing. You’d wear earplugs with it.


The HJC RPHA-11 is a good quality helmet. You might not like the way it fits, but the quality and safety is indisputable. The fact that you can purchase HJC’s top model for a relatively friendly price, certainly in comparison with top models of other brands, is due to the economies of scale of HJC. Due to their large marketshare and high sales numbers, they can keep the price relatively low. Another advantage; there is a huge colour choice available. Because it’s such a populair helmet, they produces them in all kinds of colors and prints.


The HJC RPHA-11 truly is a lightweight motorcycle helmet. The weight of the helmet contributes to the comfort while riding, especially during long rides.


If you wear the helmet a lot (almost daily) and you open and close the visor often, the system for keeping the visor up and open gets weak quite easily.
No internal sun visor, but a seperate dark visor instead.
Due to the racing roots of the RPHA-11 it doens’t have an internal sun visor. This contributes to why the helmet is so lightweight. That’s doesn’t mean HJC leaves you with sore eyes. The brand supplies a dark visor with every HJC RPHA-11 helmet. The visors of the RPHA-11 are suited for a pinlock.


The ventilation level of the HJC RPHA-11 is very high. This ensures that the helmet isn’t noise free, but you do get a lot of fresh oxygen. Your head also stay fairly cool while riding in hot temperatures.


If you wear the helmet a lot (almost daily), the cheek pads wear out quite quickly, creating extra space. You don’t want that. However, the pads are easily replaced, which could solve the problem for a while.
Do you often ride in groups? Then the helmet allows you to install a communication set. Thanks to the thin shell of the helmet, you often don’t have to glue the holder of the communication set onto your helmet. You can simply clamp it around the shell. There is also enough space at the ears to attach speakers behind the ear pads.

The RPHA-11 has a double D-ring fastener in the chin strap. You hate it or you love it. As mentioned, the design of this helmet finds her roots in racing, hence the double D-ring fastener. This type of closing system is by far the safest and mandatory when racing on track. At first, you may have to get used to it. After wearing it for a few times you will get the hang of it.


I have worn the HJC RPHA-11 motorcycle helmet for three years on a daily basis, both while commuting and fun rides as well as on track. I can wholeheartedly say I am a fan of this particular helmet. After about two years of daily use, extra space was created due to wear and tear in the cushions and the inside area of the shell. After replacing the cushions I still noticed some extra space. It’s recommended to replace your motorcycle helmet every five years. In this case, the HJC won’t last five years. It really needs to be replaced after three years of wearing it extensively. Extra space means less stability and less safety. We don’t want that. I must mention clearly that I really wear the helmet almost everyday. I put it on and off my head a few times a day. Most helmets are not designed for that, so it’s not surprising that a helmet wears out faster when used like that. Are you looking for a lightweight, no-nonsense motorcycle helmet and do you want a lot of colour choice? Then be sure to try the HJC RPHA-11.