Motorcycle clothing for women

Motorcycle clothing for women, where do you start? Maybe you get so excited after your first motorcycle riding lesson that you immediately want to buy your own riding gear. Not only is it a smart move from a hygienic point of view, but it also fits way better when it’s suited for your body shape.

Great fitting motorcycle clothing can have huge impact on your riding technique. A suit that’s too big or too small can affect your riding more than you’d probably think. So the search for great fitting motorcycle clothing for women starts. 



First, ask yourself what kind of riding style suits you? Will you mostly cruise the countryside or hop from town to town? Or are you aiming for that knee down while speeding through turns? Not everyone’s wallet is bigt enough to buy multiple suits for different purposes. Will you mostly cruise around town? Then a casual motorcycle clothing can be an excellent choice. Commuting to work? Then a textile suit is quite ideal.



Are you looking for motorcycle clothing which gives you the most protection? Then you will end up with a leather suit. A leather suit, both a one piece as a two piece suit, should fit real tight when you buy it. By real tight we mean so tight that you can barely get the leather suit on by yourself. Don’t worry, the leather will stretch when you wear it and adapt to the shape of your body.



Do you have a sporty riding style? Or do you want to ride on track? Then there is no better choice than to go for a leather suit. There is more and more motorcycle clothing for women available. Still we are kind of bound to ‘stereotyping’.

For instance; the colour choice mostly consists out of black, white, neon yellow or pink. Red is making its way into female motorcycle outfits, but that’s about it. We’re convinced things will change in the future, but for now this is what we have to deal with.

Taller women of ladies who are blessed with bigger curves can find some motorcycle clothing for men that will fit. Are you also blessed with a smaller waist? Then things get a bit more difficult.

Our advice for smaller women; don’t waist your time checking out motorcycle clothing for men in fancy colors. 99% chance it won’t fit, especially around your waist. A secret tip; maybe it sounds a bit silly, but check out motorcycle clothing for kids. If you are searching for a small leather suit that will fit your petite body shape, that can really be the perfect solution.

motorcycle clothing for women /Motorkleding voor dames / Motorradbekleidung für Damen

In the end, we want all motorcycle clothing to fit well and tight. When you space to spare, protection parts (such as knee sliders and elbow sliders, but also back protection) can shift during a fall. In that case, those parts lose their function, as they don’t protect what they should protect. Are you going for a leather suit? Then you for real tight. Are you going for a textile or casual suit? Then go for a real snug fit.


Kevlar motorkleding / Motorradbekleidung für Damen

Kevlar motorcycle clothing gets more popular by the minute. And for good reasons. It can protect you very well. Read that again. It can. The thing with Kevlar is, that it only protects you well when its woven into another material. Kevlar on its own tears quite easily. When you slide over the tarmac as result of a crash it can tear quickly. And when it tears it doesn’t protect. Do you want Kevlar motorcycle pants? Then make sure you check this or ask for advice in a motorcycle shop.


Rug protectie / Motorradbekleidung für Damen

Motorcycle jacket or pants often come without extra protection, such as a back protector or hip protector. Don’t save money on protection. You’ve only got one body. Doctors can replace quite a lot with metal plates and pens, but let’s avoid that. Invest in some extra protection to keep yourself save. To elegantly get off your bike due to a healthy spine and supple hips is something we all want, don’t we? So allow yourself to invest in great protection.



Don’t forget to wear something under your motorcycle outfit. Why? Because it makes life easier. You obviously can jump into your motorcycle clothing in your underwear. But for maximum riding comfort you wear a undersuit underneath your motorcycle suit, especially underneath a leather suit. Because you have to take it off at some point.

Taking off a textile suit or casual motorcycle clothing won’t cause any problems. But taking off a leather suit without wearing an undersuit can be challenging. Do take our advice, you will thanks us later (especially on hot days). An undersuit can be a one piece suit or consist out of a tight and a long sleeve shirt. And don’t forget your socks! Great quality socks, preferably with a anatomical fit, do increase the comfort while riding.


Finally, you could also check out tailor made options. Tailor made motorcycle clothing for women isn’t cheap, but it provides the best fit and protection. Do you ride a lot? Like really a lot? Or do you plan on riding really sporty on track? Then a tailor made leather suit is worth considering.

Do you love the looks of it but do you hardly ride? Then you are throwing your money out of the window. A price tag above €1000 is not a strange thing. So it’s quite expensive. Do you seriously consider buying a tailor made suit? Then there are vairous brands who offer this option. For example; Damen, Dainese and Gimoto (and many more).