Track day packing lists

Are you as clumsy and oblivious as we are? Do you always forget something? We feel you and fear not; we’ve made some track day packing lists for you to make life on two wheels a bit easier. Going to track for the first time? Then your packing list will be a bit shorter. Which is not a bad thing at all. ‘Cause it saves you lots of time when you arrive at the track! Imagine yourself sitting in your folding chair with a well deserved cold drink after unpacking your backpack while others have to unpack a packed van. When you first start doing track days you won’t need that much stuff and tools. Once you start to improve your riding at track, more tools can be required. Which is great too, because it will allow you to improve even more.


They are called: track days

We made a checklist for riders who go to track days with their street bike and one for riders who bring a track bike with them. The street bike packing list is a bit shorter than the track bike packing list. When you start with riding on track or just want to give it a go with your street bike to experience riding on track for once, you probably won’t need tire warmers, spare tires and all that kind of stuff. Chances are you will take it easy for a bit, since you don’t want to crash your road bike. Which we completely understand! Just in case you’re hooked after one track day and want to take things real seriously, we’ve created a longer packing list too. Hopefully, these track day packing lists will lift some weight off your shoulders, so you can get all excited about your upcoming track day!
Whether you are going for the first time or have ridden on track for countless times, remember to have fun. Riding is such a pleasure, it is so much fun. For the track junkies among us; we know how badly you want to set a faster lap time. And how thrilling it is to overtake your buddies. But don’t be all frustrated when you don’t perform like you want to. Remember to laugh, to enjoy that beautiful day on track and smile. Focus on different things, like riding technique or bike control. Take a step back to be able to set three steps forward.



Keep things organized with a track day packing list

And to all the first timers out there; we are so proud of you! Going to track for the first time can be scary or overwhelming. But you will do just fine. Trust your riding skills and your bike. They won’t let you down. You will learn so much in just one day. Listen and learn. Don’t put pressure on yourself by wanting to be the fastest of the group. Or maybe even the fastest of the day. And don’t worry about being the slowest, too. You are there to learn, to have fun and mostly; to enjoy the heck out of it.

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