REVIEW: Dainese Avro D2 2PC

The Dainese Avro D2 2PC is a two-piece leather motorcycle suit. The suit consists of a motorcycle jacket and motorcycle pants that connect with each other through a zipper around the waist. We’ve tested the Avro 2D for women extensively, which is almost the same as the men’s version. So gentlemen, don’t hesitate to read on too. We dare to say we actually mistreated the suit a bit. Think of; little love and maintenance, a shitload of rain and an emergency stop that ended on the tarmac. This 2 piece suit had to endure a lot. This allows us to tell you exactly how this two-piece suit performs.

A leather motorcycle suit isn’t cheap, so we’ll tell you all the pros and cons. To write this review, we have pushed the suit to its limits. This Dainese ladies suit has been developed for the sporty riders among us. Do you enjoy a relaxed riding style but would you like to wear a leather suit? No worries. This suit is an ideal suit to wear during relaxed touring rides. Because it is a two-piece motorcycle suit, you can easily unzip the jacket. Throw it over a chair and you are guaranteed to sit relaxed while enjoying a cold drink. It also makes going to the bathroom considerably easier than a one-piece leather suit. Would you like to match suits with a male partner? The Dainese Avro D2 2pc suit is also available for men.
Dainese Avro D2

AVRO D2: Race level safety

De Avro D2 two-piece is predominantly made of Tutu cow leather. This material is know for its wear-resistant qualities. The Bielastic S1 material complements the cow leather. The leather suit contains protectors on the shoulders, elbows and knees. The pants also contain flexible protectors on the hips. Both the aluminum shoulder protectors and the knee sliders can be replaced. As a sporty rider you can go full send with this suit. Do you occasionally lay that elbow down? Then you might prefer a suit that is more suited for that. The Tutu cow leather can take a lot, but the suit does not have elbow sliders on the outside of the suit. It does contain elbow protectors that are integrated in the leather though. Thanks to the many protectors and Dainese’s racing roots which a clearly visible in the design, the suit scores very well in terms of safety.

Very Comfortable

Of course you have to ‘wear in’ a motorcycle suit. At first, the suit will feel like it’s too tight and not very comfy. But when you wear the suit regularly, it starts to mold to your body. Dainese is known for using high quality materials, especially when it comes to leather. We can wholeheartedly agree.

Sensitive zippers

If you wear the suit a lot, the zippers will be the first part that will slowly start to fail. After a year of wearing the suit daily(!), RRB rider Yvanka had to replace the zipper on both the jacket and the pants. After two years, the zippers at the forearms no longer close fully and a zipper at the calf is derailed.
Oops, made a mistake? No worries.
We all make mistakes sometimes. For example, we had to make an emergency stop after a little error on the public roads. That didn’t quite go as planned due to broken parts on the bike, so our Avro D2 guinea pig ended up on the tarmac. Fortunately we didn’t go that fast, only close to 60 or 70 km/h. The damage to the suit? Minimal. The sliding damage was not too bad, the Tutu cow leather is really resistant to that. The scratched and dented shoulder protector suited the dented ego well. Obviously, a suit must fit properly in order to provide that targeted protection. Want to know more about that?
Avro D2

The inner lining of the Dainese Avro D2 2pc suit has under gone a Silver Ion treatment. This provides an antibacterial effect and thus prevents unwanted odors. Whether this really works? Absolutely! It may sound like unnecessary luxury, but we like this a lot. Let’s be honest; ladies sweat too. Especially during a sporty ride in warmer temperatures or during an intense session at track day. So far, no unpleasant odors are present in our test suit. So the Silver Ion treatment is doing it’s job.

A practical detail on the inside of the suit; it contains an inner zipper pocket. For reference; it fits an Iphone XS or Samsung A51 perfectly. Both smartphones aren’t that small. Is your phone even bigger? Then it won’t fit in completely. We also tested riding with bigger phones in the zipper pocket. A larger smartphone will fit, only the phone will be slightly tilted and the zipper will not close completely. Still, the phone will remain in its place while riding, so no problems there.


We have tested the Dainese Avro D2 2pc suit extensively. A leather suit is no cheap investment, but in terms of quality and protection you get absolute value for money with this suit. When you wear the suit a lot, the fit visible and noticeable wear and tear will appear on the zippers. Not that surprising, if you open and close them several times a day. Luckily, the costs for replacing zippers are not too bad. The zipper to attach the pants and the jacket together remained good, though. Another point of noticeable wear is that the velcro material of the knee sliders will become less sticky over time. After wearing it daily for a while we had to fix the knee sliders a few times while riding to keep them in place. No big deal, just something we noticed. Also, the shoulder protectors discolor quite quickly (the Dainese red quickly turned pale orange). The good (and most important); the protection and quality of the leather is very high. Even with minimal care of the leather, it remained in good condition for a surprisingly long time. Dainese has got it all sorted on that part. The inner lining is comfortable and as mentioned, the Silver Ion treatment works well to combat unwanted odors. Our conclusion; the Dainese Avro D2 2pc suit is well worth the money.