Motorcycle pants must be comfortable and provide great protection at the same time. The search for good-fitting motorcycle pants can be quite a task. Do you have fairly muscled calves in relation to your thighs? Or a round bum and skinny legs? And what about those muscular thighs.. Try and find a pair of pants that fit well everywhere.

Fortunately, more and more brands are adding ‘non-standard’ sizes to their range. Think of different sizes in length and shorter sizes. This makes finding well-fitting pants easier for anyone who often doesn’t fit a standard confection size. Although fit and size are very important, it is of course not all about fit and size. Motorcycle pants must also fit the purpose of your riding style. Do you ride the bike to work? Then waterproof textile pants are no superfluous luxury. No one enjoys showing up at work all soaked and withered. So grant yourself the luxury of waterproof motorcycle pants.


One is blessed with long legs and a tall height. The other is slightly more vertically challenged and has shorter legs. One person has difficulty putting on some weight, while the other does not. We are all beautifully different. All those different body types present the greatest challenge in finding well-fitting motorcycle clothing. Luckily, brands such as Grand Canyon, Held, Rev’it! and Richa offer different lenghts and widths, so that there are well-fitting pants for everyone.


Textile motorcycle pants are the most practical choice in the world of motorcycle pants. They are ideal to wear on an adventure or touring ride. They are often water-repellent or waterproof and include a removable inner lining. This makes it possible to wear the same pair of textile motorcycle pants in different seasons. Most inner liners contain a thermal effect to keep you warm.


Leather motorcycle pants offer the best protection. The material is traditionally used to make motorcycle clothing. The leather adjusts to your body shape and will feel like a second skin. Before that happens, you will have to endure a bit of discomfort. Leather motorcycle pants must fit very tightly around your body when purchased. Difficulty in putting it on is guaranteed during the first few times!


Motorcycle jeans, or denim motorcycle pants, are textile pants with a denim look. The motorcycle pants look like your jeans, but are reinforced with materials such as Aramid (Kevlar or Covec) so that the pants can endure the impact that is released in the event of a crash. Motorcycle jeans give a casual look and have a comfortable fit. Park your bike in front of the terrace and get that cold drink in style.


There are motorcycle leggings that you wear underneath your regular pants to make it safer and motorcycle leggings that function as full-fledged motorcycle pants themselves. The inner liner of the latter consists entirely of Kevlar or a similar material. The flattering fit and high waist design are a hit with female bikers. In terms of safety, many motorcycle leggings are similar to most motorcycle jeans.


Always make sure that the protection parts in the pants are in the right places and ensure that they don’t have too much space to shift. They have to do their job when you crash or fall. They have to be in the right places to be able to do that. Motorcycle pants should always fit well at the hips. Do the pants fit while standing? Then also try to sit on top of something. Whether it is a couch or a pouf. You could even ask your partner to pretent to be a donkey. Your pants creep up a bit when seated. Check whether the pants have the correct length when seated.


Leather motorcycle pants may immediately fit tightly around your body, just like a leather motorcycle jacket or full suit. Do they have to hoist you in your motorcycle pants because otherwise you won’t be able to put it on? Then you’re on the right track! It may sound strange, but it actually makes sense. Leather stretches considerably when you wear it regularly. It will soon feel like a second skin, even if it felt real tight at first. Leather that stretches up to half a size is a common thing. Of course you need to be able to close the pants with some effort when you buy them.


Motorcycle jeans have different fits. The fits are comparable to those you are used to with your regular jeans. For example; a regular fit, slim fit or skinny, tapered fit and loose fit. The regular fit has a comfortable fit that falls between a close and slightly looser fit. Basically your ‘standard jeans design’. The loose fit falls looser around your body, but should not flutter. The tapered fit falls like a regular fit around the thighs, but fits tighter around the lower legs. The name of the slim fit or skinny fit says it all, it fits snugly around your body.