Motorcycle jackets should fit well, like all your other motorcycle clothing. Only then can it do it's job properly and provide you the right protection. If the jacket is too big, the protectors can shift. We don't want that. Also, a fluttering jacket is distracting. We want you to keep your focus on the road and on the traffic.

Motorcycle jackets that are too small aren’t a great thing either. They limit your riding position and freedom of movement. And yet again, think of the protectors. They won’t be in the right places if the jacket is too small. Safety is our number one priority. So go for the motorcycle jacket that fits best. In addition to a great fit, you also want a jacket that feels comfortable. And don’t forget the looks. Nowadays there is plenty of choice when it comes to motorcycle jackets. Are you going for a leather motorcycle jacket or a textile one?


The choice between a leather motorcycle jacket or one mad of textile can be difficult. Do you not want to wear a jacket that’s made of the skin of an animal? Then textile might seam the only choice. But fear not. Vegan leather is making it’s way into the world of motorcycle jackets. In terms of safety, leather and textile jackets do not differ that much. Leather remains the material that provides the best protection, but textile jackets are also getting safer and safer. Textile jackets are also resistant to tearing in case of sliding over the asphalt after a crash.


Leather motorcycle jackets provide the highest degree of safety and durability. Leather is more resistant to the test of time than textile. However, the big advantage of textile is that it is much more resistant to the elements. Are you riding in a downpour in your leather suit? Then you can count on a wet suit and wet undies. Riding in a leather jacket on a hot summer dag? Oh boy, the sweatiness. Textile motorcycle jackets often provide more comfort in these situations. We give a breathable textile jacket a warm welcome on those hot summer days. And during that downpour you will stay dry (sort of) when wearing a textile suit that contains GORE-TEX material.


Leren motorjas
  • Durable
  • Best protection
  • Great balance between stretch and stiffness


Textielen motorjas
  • Resistant to the elements
  • Great protection
  • More relaxed fit


There is a considerable difference between the fit of a textile motorcycle jacket and a leather motorcycle jacket. Where a leather motorcycle jacket stretches and adjusts to the shape of your body, a textile motorcycle jacket will not. Do you want a textile jacket and will you wear it especially in wintertime? Then you will probably wear another layer of clothing underneath the jacket. In that case, keep in mind to save some space for that extra layer. Will you wear the textile jacket on warmer and sunnier days? Then make sure that the motorcycle jacket fits well and feels comfortable immediately. A textile jacket won’t stretch that much after wearing it a few times, so you do not have to consciously buy it ‘too small’. While buying a leather motorcycle jacket you do want it to feel like it’s a bit too small and too tight, especially a sports or racing jacket. You will only wear a thin layer underneath the jacket, such as undergarments or a thermal shirt. A leather jacket can stretch up to half a size. That’s why leather jackets can fit real tight when purchased. Do you want a casual leather motorcycle jacket? Then the jacket can fit a bit wider from the start. These jackets tend to stretch a little less.

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