Motorcycle gloves may not seem that important, but they are an essential part of your motorcycle outfit. There is also a huge choice when it comes to gloves. There are summer and winter gloves. Also, you can choose between textile gloves and leather gloves.

Motorcycle gloves must fit properly to protect your hands correctly. Besides that well-fitting gloves are the safest, they also make motorcycling a lot more pleasant. A big fly that hits your hand with a speed of 80 km / h hurts more than you’d like. Never mind that stray pebble that splashes up thanks to the wheels of that motorist in front of you. In summertime, you don’t really want even warmer hands. For those hot summer rides they invented summer gloves.


Motorcycle gloves for summertime are often thin and lightweight. Clammy and sweaty hands are prevented while riding, which ads to the overall riding comfort. The upper part consists of mesh-material for optimal cooling. Parts of the hands that need to be well protected are covered with leather. This kind of motorcycle gloves are ideal to wear when temperatures rise about 20 degrees Celsius. Do you want more protection? Then you can also opt for leather motorcycle gloves for the summer. These gloves consist of thinner leather. Also, the extra knuckle protection is often absent to keep them as thin and light as possible.


Waterproof motorcycle gloves can be worn during both summer and wintertime. Waterproof summer gloves often contain a waterproof membrane in a thin layer of textile on the outside of the hand. The inside is usually mad of leather for maximum protection. Waterproof winter gloves often contain GORE-TEX material or a different waterproof material and a warm, thermal lining.


Winter gloves are often water-repellent and windproof. The lining contains materials witha thermal effect to keep your hands warm and dry. Winter gloves shouldn’t fit too tight. A little space around the fingers creates stagnant air, which raises the insulation level. Also, that way riding wind won’t cool down your hands that easily. Thanks to the thermal effect, the hands will stay warm.


Do you still suffer from cold hands, even when wearing thick winter gloves? Then maybe electrically heated motorcycle gloves might be the solution. Thanks to a small battery of thanks to the battery of your bike, these gloves keep your hands warm. Do you have the option to try the gloves on before buying? Then be sure to do so. After all, the battery shouldn’t get in the way.


Sports gloves or racing gloves are motorcycle gloves which are made to withstand impact during racing and thus provide the best protection for your hands. Leather gloves that extend over the wrists are often mandatory when riding on track. Racing gloves are often made of leather, polyurethane and carbon. You recognize them by the hard knuckle and metacarpal protection. The most advanced racing gloves contain a piece of leather that keeps the little finger and ring finger together. This brace offers extra protection and strength for your fingers. Racing gloves also often contain a wrist band. This extra strap just above the wrist towards your hand prevents the gloves from sliding off in the event of a crash. Finally, the part at the hand palm gives as much grip as possible on the handlebars. After all, the gloves must offer as much protection and riding comfort as possible and as little distraction as possible.



While riding you are constantly busy with your hands. Twist the throttle, grab the clutch handle, brake, indicate direction, etcetera. So you want to experience as little inconvenience as possible. The gloves must fit snugly. As mentioned, there should be some space around your fingers when trying on winter gloves. This may also be the case above the fingertips. Gloves that are too tight on your fingertips can cause your hands to tingle. Or at least cause irritation. You don’t want that extra space on the inside of your hand, near your hand palm. When you’ve got too much space there, the material will fold and wrinkle when you put your hands on the handlebars. That’s a no-go.

You don’t want that extra space around the fingers when trying on leather motorcycle gloves. Certainly not when trying on racing gloves. Leather stretches considerably when worn. Up to buy leather motorcycle gloves? Then these may fit a bit tighter when purchasing.


Place the measuring tape around your hand and measure the circumference or your hand according to the line indicated on the drawing of the hand. This size in centimeters is often used by motorcycle glove manufactures to determine the correct size.

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