Motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes are perhaps the most diverse part of your entire motorcycle outfit. The designs, colors, shapes and sizes are almost endless. So choosing the right pair can be a challenge. On the other hand, determining the correct size of motorcycle boots is often the easiest.

Generally, you can stick with your normal shoe size for motorcycle boots. Then we assume that your toes have some wiggle room in that normal shoe size. It is mainly a matter of determining which type of motorcycle shoe or boot you want to wear. Are you going for motorcross boots to tackle sand and dirt on your motocross bike? Or are you going for urban motorcycle shoes for a stylish ride through the city that you can take to the terrace with? Or do you need maximum protection, because you want to chase people on track?


There really is is only one suitable answer to this question; safety. The aspect of ‘safety’ is the main reason why special clothing is made for riding motorcycles. Normal footwear cannot withstand the forces that are released on the lower legs, ankles and feet while riding a bike. Normal sneakers or boots also wear out quickly due to the friction between, for example, your toes with your gear lever. 


With race boots, safety and protection are of paramount importance. You can recognize race boots by the brace on the inside or outside of the boots. This brace absorbs the first impact in a crash, reducing the chance of an ankle fracture. Are you planning to walk a lot with your motorcycle boots on? Then sports boots are less comfortable. Transverse movements that occur when walking are counteracted by that brace to prevent twisting. The boot is fully focused on smooth movements for shifting and braking while riding, that’s it. The name of the boots says it all; not made for walking, but made for racing.


Touring boots are versatile motorcycle boots. The boots often have a stylish appearance. They are suitable for long touring rides as wel as for commuting. Touring boots often are waterproof, thanks to the waterproof membrane on the inside. The better this membrane, the better the boots can withstand a heavy downpour. Touring boots with GORE-TEX are 100% waterproof (unless water is poured in from above of course). Mostly, touring boots are lined for extra warmth while riding in cold weather. The breathability of the boots is quite good, so that your feet still feel comfortable after hours of riding.


Enduro or MX boots are designed to protect as much of your lower leg as possible. They often are slightly stiffer. This type of motorcycle boot offers a lot of protection practically the entire lower leg. The higher design protects your shins from flying stones while riding off-road. To create a well-fitting and personal fit, the boots have multiple closure clips on the outside of the boots. The thicker sole with the coarse profile offers lots of protection and grip on your pegs. If you don’t mind the slightly stiffer design of enduro and MX boots, then they can also be worn during touring rides or while commuting.


Do you want a stylish and urban look? Then casual motorcycle shoes could be your perfect match. They look like everyday sneakers, but contain built-in protection. The sole of motorcycle shoes is also more durable than the sole of your Vans or Converse All Stars. Do you want the sporty look and protection of racing boots but the comfort of motorcycle shoes? Then motorcycle sport shoes could be the right choice. You will walk with lots of comfort, put them on easily and experience great protection. However, racing boots will protect your ankles way better. The higher design encloses the ankle and lower leg.